Monday, October 31, 2011

Real Zombies in Nature, and a Movie Suggestion

   Happy Halloween Everyone! How can you not love a holiday that's all about fun, candy, pumpkins, bats, owls, black cats, etc, etc.
   OK, before all you zombies experts get all riled up, I know the use of the term "zombie" is being stretched a little. Zombies are the undead, driven by an external force like witchcraft, who have no soul or mind, therefore they're not "mind controlled". I'm using the adjective form of zombie, not the noun.
   Who even knew flies and Gypsy Moths had a mind that could be controlled? Well apparently they do. Here are two fascinating stories I've heard recently that fall into the category of "Strange but True", and they're quite disgusting, perfect for Halloween.
   The first is about Gypsy Moths, no love lost here. Apparently they can become infected with a virus that turns off their appetite control, makes them eat until they're literally almost ready to pop, then climb to the highest point in their tree where they liquefy and rain down virus infected goo on the leaves below them, which the other caterpillars soon ingest and become infected too. Isn't that brilliant? You can listen to or read the story here about the Gypsy Moth zombie virus.
   The second story I heard just last night. Similar to the Gypsy Moths, but this time involving mind controlling parasites and fungus, it tells of exploding flies spewing infectious spores into the wind and suicidal crickets drowning themselves before a worm exits their *ahem* body. We've actually seen a hair worm "exiting" a grasshopper. I'm still freaked out about it. Very gory, very true, very cool. You can listen to or read the story here about the mind controlling parasites.

   Now, if you need to erase all that from your memory in order to sleep well tonight, or you're like me and like to celebrate Halloween with a good themed movie, here's a couple of my favorites:

1. Young Frankenstein          (gotta love Frau Blucher)   horse whinny
2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde      (the 1931 version, you're not a film connoisseur if you haven't seen this)
3. The Shining          (not gonna sleep after this either)

Squeak's ready for Halloween, Black Cat Zombie. (caught in the act of meowing)


  1. I love candy and black cats! Have several of them myself. Happy Halloween to you guys.

  2. Icky-poo! I found my first hairworm / grasshopper combo this past summer. I took iPhone pictures and video and told Julie I had a great item for her blog. She said it was the grossest thing she had ever seen and she did not wish cause her readers to become ill and un-friend her.

  3. Ack! Your Zombie-cat Is hysterical!

  4. No the grossest thing lately was a picture of a python from Florida - they killed it (it was an exotic) and found inside a whole deer (undigested so far). Like a 75 pound deer!

  5. EEWWWW! Awesome. Now I get to watch out for gooey slime running down tree trunks. ;)