Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Visitors for the New Year

   One of Winter's highlights is the influx of migratory birds that come into the area for the season. Like old friends you haven't seen in ages, it always feels good to see them return. I've been looking for Hooded Mergansers during my walks along the river ever since the weather turned cold, and today I finally found them. They generally kept to the far shore while I was there, but I managed to get a few pictures of a couple of willing participants. Also joining in on the fun were three Wood Ducks. They generally live here year round but I haven't seen them regularly until recently and today they kindly cooperated with the camera, for a change. I consider Hoodies and Woodies the two most beautiful species of ducks to be found around here, but you can decide for yourself...

His Hood is relaxed a little here

Is this guy handsome, or what?

Not to be over shadowed, here's the male Wood Duck

A male and female Wood Duck hangin' with some Mallards

This guy wanted his picture taken too, so I obliged. 

*Happy New Year everyone!*