Thursday, December 6, 2012

Foggy Morning Sunrise Rant

From the edge of our backyard, looking down the hill along the golf course.

   I'm not too keen on 60 degree days in December, which seems to be the norm for the second year in a row, although they do give us these pretty scenes in our backyard in the mornings. People look at me like I have two heads or something when I answer "No, it's not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas because it's too damn warm!". This is just wrong. When I was a kid, which wasn't really that long ago, it used to snow in December quite regularly. I can't even remember exactly the last time it did snow in December. Honestly, I don't even like snow all that much. The first day it's fun but after that it's just dirty, grey, and inconvenient. But we need snow, it's supposed to snow here at least occasionally.  But don't worry, climate change isn't real.   ;-)                         

Further around the corner, towards the tee box and green.