Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hummingbirds and Monarchs...

   This was one of the last Monarchs to pass through our yard, the migrating wave seems to have moved on south. I was lucky to see this particular one from my bathroom and still have it be there when I ran out with the camera. It really seemed to appreciate what was left of my sad, aphid infested Tropical Milkweed (asclepias curassavica, awesome plant by the way, easy to grow from seed, bloomed all summer!)
   The Hummingbirds also seem to be mostly gone. I'm still seeing a straggler maybe every other day or so, fortunately I still have plenty of hummer plants blooming and fresh nectar in the feeder. Pretty soon the Juncos and Yellowrumps will arrive and officially signal the beginning of the winter birding season.
   So, if you live south of Virginia, you still have a chance to see the Monarch wave pass through, for us it lasted about two weeks, peaking in numbers in the middle. Good Luck!


  1. Another sign of the season: Robins mobbing the Dogwood berries. No Cedar Waxwings seen with them but the Robins were working steadily.

  2. Slow-down there Fescue! The Monarchs have reappeared in smaller numbers as warm weather and sunny skies returned following last week's cold snap. Have seen no Hummingbirds for the week and the Robbins are still working the Dogwood berries and being very vocal about it!