Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Parting Shots

Here's a few parting shots from what's sure to be one of our last warm days for a while. I've been quite surprised how many plants are still putting out blooms this late in the year, a month from now and we're likely to have already seen snow. Two of our trusty winter migrant birds, White Throated Sparrows and Dark Eyed Juncos, have already landed on the scene. I want to hold on for as long as possible, but I know winter is necessary...

Honey Bee on Basil
I planted the Basil for myself and didn't realize the bee's would enjoy it just as much, if not more

Cabbage White on Anise Hyssop

Crab Spider hiding inside a Japanese Anemone blossom

Paper Wasp on Tropical Milkweed

Carpenter Bee on Lavender


  1. Like the "no depth of field" on Carpenter Bee shot:)

  2. That wasp looks like he's "king of the hill", conquering the milkweed in the name of paper wasps everywhere! And yes, the bee shot is great.

  3. Thanks! It seemed like that Paper Wasp saw me with the camera and posed for the shot, but he probably just saw me as a threat and posed for defense.