Sunday, October 16, 2011

Everybody's Doin' It...

*Yes, you're in the right place, I changed my background to match the season.  

   At Dean, there are oodles of Walnut trees. Nowadays, every time we drive on onto the property, there are squirrels everywhere, each loaded down with a walnut. The ones on the right side of the road race to cross over to the left to stash their prize. And, you guessed it, all the ones on the left are making a mad dash to the right side in search of the best possible hiding place.
   Kinda like a dog or cat. If indoors, wants out. If outdoors, MUST get in!

Now you just look the other way so I can hide this thing!


  1. Hey, love the new look:). Tis the season indeed.

  2. Hi Julie, love your quote at the top of the page! "I can get the part for ya, it'll take a couple weeks"

  3. "No, I don't have a walnut in my mouth. What you are seeing is a dark round hole at the base of the tree and I'm just looking up at the Pileated Woodpecker who made it".

  4. No Dave, I'm waiting outside the hole, mouth wide-open, waiting for a chipmunk to peek out, whereupon I will snap my powerful jaws shut on his furry little self!! (sinister sounding) Ha,ha,ha.

  5. Sciurus Carolinensis. A vicious predator of the Southeast, known to take-down prey as large as a small Llama, has become a problem of epic proportions. Look for their tracks, 4 fingers in the front- 5 fingers in the rear with a bounding stride 2-3 feet long. Offer them a peanut and you will be allowed to live another day.

  6. Hey Julie. That squirrel pic is so adorably suspicious looking! maybe he has a secret stash of gourmet blend cashes and A GRADE peanuts:) Our three have been digging up plants, burying under them, then "planting" them Back
    Love Ya,