Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catching Up

   What a week it has been. I last posted here on Halloween morning which now feels like about a month ago. I've been helping my parents pack and move to town, only squeezing in a few hours here and there to be out in the yard for a nature fix. A little leaf raking can be very therapeutic, especially since the weather has been so nice lately. We used to be "those people", the ones that got rid of their leaves in the fall. Now I see them as pure gold, free mulch, and grass smothering-flower bed creating magic. Jeff even managed to crank up an old dusty leaf mulcher that hasn't turned over in the last decade. Now I just need to make a place to store all this leafy mulchy goodness. I never imagined I'd still be out working in the yard in November and I'm not complaining, it's been glorious.
   Next on the agenda is to try to capture an image of a suspected Barn Owl living in a dilapidated playhouse up in the woods at Dean. We have reports of a screechy scream heard very early in the morning coming from the area, but of course we really want to be certain. If we can document it living on the property, well, that would just be freaking awesome! I've got the critter cam set up aimed at a hole in the roof, but there are two holes, and I haven't seen any evidence of owl pellets. Time will tell, we may just have to camp out there ourselves to try and hear the scream.

Boy, you have no idea what goes on 'round here after's wild!


  1. Hey Julie, welcome back! Love the new quotation at the top of your blog. Good luck with the Owl. That would be a special find indeed.

  2. Love that picture! Good luck finding the owl.

  3. I'm amazed at what you've capturing with the camera. An owl would be so cool - maybe even in flight.

  4. Slow down there Heather! In flight photographs of Owls...perhaps you have overestimated our abilities.But yeah, that would be unimaginably cool.

  5. I'll do my owl dance -- hope you get the shot!