Friday, November 18, 2011

Somebody Found A Warm Spot

   Now that the cold weather has set in, animals really seem to be looking for warmth anywhere they can find it. While visiting a friend, we just happened to spot this fella' getting cozy outside her dining room. If we hadn't been watching her cat watch the squirrels, we would have missed his antlers waving at us from the other window. Smart guy, he found a spot both sheltered from the wind and warmed by the sun reflecting off the house. I have never been this close to a wild animal before, he was truly magnificent!


  1. Way cool ... I say even though I just found where a male deer DESTROYED a young magnolia that had finally recovered from being ALMOST destroyed 3 years earlier. This despite the fact that I had a cage around it - that was pulled away and discarded.

  2. Ellen, I'm sorry about your Magnolia, we have a Dogwood that suffered a similar fate, it's so frustrating - seems even if they don't eat it they beat it to death.

  3. How cool. Yes, that *is* close!

    I've had deer use a newly planted tree or two as a rub--yup no fun. I've made a small cage with fences before, but I'm wondering if there is a wrap that could be used on an exposed trunk that might discourage them more--especially if it offered no friction.