Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dragonfly Rescues and the Skunk Family Returns

   Over at Dean, there's an old leaky swimming pool with a disintigrating cover. Obviously it's dangerous to have a cover with holes in it, it will have to wait until winter because if we get it fixed now we'll trap who knows how many dragonflies. Every day Jeff saves countless dragonflies trying to emerge from the water, ready to fly away after their metamorphosis. It usually takes them a few minutes to warm up and dry off, then off they go. They are truly beautiful creatures, we hardly ever see any at home but Dean has a very healthy population of both dragons and damsels.

   The skunks came back a few nights ago, little black and white whirling dervishes. We haven't seen them out before dark ever since. Although we miss seeing them, it is much safer for them to wait until nightfall.

*All of todays photos were contributed by Jeff*

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