Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eastern Phoebe Nest

   Jeff's patience finally paid off, he was able to capture some excellent shots of the phoebe nest over at Dean. They've used this same location off and on for several years, they build it on an old hanging light fixture up under a covered patio where they're protected from rain, wind, and climbing predators.

Mud and moss perfection

Look at those fuzzy little heads!

Looks like there's 3 chicks

 "I'm next, I'm next!"

   ***Elsewhere over at Dean the blueberry bushes I planted about a month ago aren't attracting any birds yet despite the fruit being ripe. However, they are attracting little neices who like blueberries! Also good for attracting little neices is dill, which I planted for the Black Swallowtail butterflies, of which I've seen zero. I hope you enjoyed them Olie! Next year I'll plant more, enough for everybody. Don't worry, I'm not mad, I'm just glad somebody's enjoying them!


  1. While admiring the plantlife at Dean, I saw the rare Oliebird pecking at your berries!!! I will soon send a picture of it to you!

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss of berries and dill Julie. The Oliebird is a ravenous fruit and vegetable eater. No garden or Whole Foods market in your area is safe.Perhaps a coyote urine based spray could help??!!

  3. Old Stone,

    Did the berries already have coyote pee spray on them? If they did I, the oliebird, shall leave you a prize on your windshield!!!!

  4. Julie,
    I too have seen the rare and ravenous Olie bird. I happen to live with one! Your missing berries and dill is an unjust and wrong case of pecked and stolen plant life. I wonder if my Oliebird is the same one as yours??? Hmmm...

  5. Do not worry little Oliebird, the berries were not sprayed with coyote urine based spray. However, I may have to booby trap them in the future!

    Maddy, I presume our Oliebirds are one in the same, since we live in such close proximity to each other. You had best protect your precious vegetables! The Oliebird is voracious!


  6. You may just have to booby trap them! I am also closely guarding our boxes. Yes, protection is a very wise idea. I must keep a close eye on these glorious cukes! Yum, but, the Oliebird may show her dreadful beak again soon!

  7. What a wonderful view of Phoebe's nest! I love the moss in it, birds are so creative.