Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Swarm of Skunks!

   What do you call a group of skunks? I think swarm fits the description, considering how they moved across the back yard a few nights ago. For the past couple of weeks we've been seeing an adult skunk every night like clockwork at around 8:00pm, when it's still quite light out. This particular night it came out a little early, after a thunderstorm, and brought the family along for the first time. Momma led the way, and the four little ones held close but always in constant motion, almost swirling. From a distance it just looked like one huge skunk. They're so cute, as long as they keep their scent to themselves. We've had resident skunks in the area ever since we moved here almost nine years ago, some years it's miserable with them spraying all the time, other years they hardly ever spray at all. They like to dig, which can be annoying, especially around newly planted things where the soil is soft as they search for tasty insect morsels. I never cease to be amazed at what shows up in our yard.....

(I know, the photos aren't great, but how close do I really want to get to FIVE skunks? I had to act quick and I didn't have the zoom lens on)


  1. This is great! I'm surprised by how much white coloration they have. Hope you don't have a dog. :)

  2. Beautiful animals! Great photos!

  3. I'd enjoy seeing them--passing through...and at a distance. :)

    Actually, I read recently that (at least from one WG members experience) when skunks get used to someone and don't see them as a threat, everyone can live in harmony.

  4. Thanks everybody,

    Thankfully we don't have a dog, although I love dogs I don't think we'd have nearly as much wildlife as we do if we had one. In fact, we've seen an increase in wildlife and a decrease in skunk sprayings since our neighbors don't have dogs anymore.

  5. I agree with Heather-- a lot of white! Thanks for sharing the Swarm!