Friday, June 3, 2011

Prime Real Estate Oppurtunity!

   Attention all young home buyers! Especially you bluebirds, you know you want to raise a second brood. Available for immediate occupancy! Priced below appraisal, in fact it's free! Penthouse living at it's finest, 360 degree mountain views, move-in ready, hardwood floors, deluxe raccoon baffle installed in the basement, plentiful resources within walking gliding distance from your new home!

                                                A male bluebird is previewing the property!

   You never know how much you appreciate someones company until they're gone. Our tree swallow babies have fledged and the family has moved out. In the morning they were there, by the afternoon they were gone. The yard is just so quiet now, I really miss them. Every year when they fledge they leave for good. They don't seem to hang around and hunt here either. It's only been two days but I'm excited to see a pair of bluebirds checking out the box. We already have had one successful brood of bluebird babies fledge from our other box on the far end of the lot, maybe they want a change of scenery for family #2.

We saw this commercial on TV last night, it has to be the embodiment of Jeff and I! (in spirit, not appearance)


  1. What do you mean? That looks exactly like Jeff's beard!!!

  2. Appreciate your blog, and your wonderful advertisement for Bluebirds. We have 16 boxes, but they're all Tree Swallow boxes. Oh well, hopefully we'll get some to hear some "cheeer" sometime soon.

  3. Dave,

    If you happen to see this, Thanks! Wow, 16 boxes! Good luck attracting some Bluebirds. I've noticed that Tree Swallows use our boxes from April-early June, then leave the area. The Bluebirds move in June-August. I've even had Bluebirds raise a third brood in September. Maybe you'll see some later this summer.