Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bunny Not So Funny Anymore

Ahhh, look at me, aren't I cute sitting here in the warm golden glow of the setting sun?

Ha, Ha, Ha! Silly human thinks I just hang out here in the tall grass.

I'm so casual, no predators around here!

Oh, now I'm getting closer...

No paparazzi, please!

I'm not being bad, I promise, I'm just hiding in here...

I'm not chewing anything, what are you talking about?

Oh look! A baby bunny! How did that happen? ;) How adorable!

You little sh*t! Get outta my flower bed!
In the grass, it's cute, in the flower beds, not so much.

Yep, just as I suspected...I can't really blame them, my flower beds are about the only place you can find something green. It's so dry around here, even the clover in our lawn is dried up and gone.

This is what I think of now every time I see one of those bunnies out in our yard.
"What's he do, nibble your bum?"
Maybe it's time to get out the Holy Hand Grenade!


  1. Hilarious! And I feel your pain ....

  2. "He'll do you a treat mate!" LOVE IT! Possibly your best post ever. Just a bit sad that the clip didn't include the "Holy hand grenade":(

  3. Amazing rabbit shots!!!
    Those lil bastids give me hell too, it truly warmed my heart every time that homminy brought me a baby bunny this spring.
    There's not much we can do to keep the rabbits out either... I've put up the deer fence with the buried wire, and the rabbits still dug holes and had babies IN THE GARDEN!

    Putting an egg in a blender, and sprinkling that mixture over the affected plants sorta works, if I keep putting it out... when a freak thunderstorm comes by, and washes the mixture off, gives a growth spurt to the peas and beans, the rabbits come and eat them to the ground.
    But... Hey... great pictures of your pests... they don't hold still long enough for me to shoot them...

  4. There are many disadvantages to living in a relatively new subdivision - all the topsoil has been scraped off, the yards are sunbaked due to lack of a tree canopy, etc.

    On the other hand, I think those wide open spaces tend to deter rabbits from the gardens because they're vulnerable to hawks and maybe owls too. Well, for whatever reason, I haven't seen too much rabbit damage this year. Last year, they repeatedly chomped on cone flowers and garden phlox. I also try to plant things that are described as resistant to deer and rabbit damage.

    Of course, that's rabbit resistance is just one on a long list of check boxes - OK on clay soil, tolerates heat, tolerates drought, can survive freezing temperatures, tolerates exposed windy locations, etc. etc. It's a long list! ;-)