Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Life Gets in the Way of Blogging (again)...

   This week was supposed to be all about pollinators, in celebration of National Pollinator Week 2012. Monday morning I was working on the first of what should have been 7 posts celebrating pollinator diversity and importance when Jeff sent me a video via iPhone with the caption "Oh no!". Long story short...he found a kitten, or rather, it found him. Being the kitty lovers we are, and the fact that the kitten instantly decided Jeff was "daddy", our hearts just melted. Our other two cats were "found" cats, and our first, who passed away 3 years ago, was too. Tiny, hungry, dirty, and full of affection, this poor little kitten was probably dropped off or "discarded" by someone who didn't want it, it's definitely not feral, she's way to friendly and sweet. We scooped her up, brought her home, then took her to our vet that afternoon to get checked out. Jeff, meanwhile, searched the woods for others, but didn't find any. At the time her only problem was being dirty, covered in fleas and ticks, and a little under nourished, however she stopped eating about a day and a half ago. Low on energy and limp, we rushed her in to the vet this morning, they think she might just have a little infection, so they're keeping her for observation and they'll give her medicines and such. Talk about stress bomb! A few days ago we didn't know she existed, now we're fearing for her life. The docs are confident she'll be alright, our fingers are crossed.

Anyway, her name is Ginger, because of her color, and, now this is silly, but in England redheads are called "gingers". Also, of course, the redhead on Gilligan's Island was "Ginger". The vets guessed she was only about 8 weeks old. So, for the next few weeks while she's in quarantine (for FHIV testing before we introduce her to our other cats) our life will be a little crazy. Then for the next few weeks after that, while we start to introduce Ginger into the group, supervising the inevitable hissing and growling, our life will still be crazy. Oh well, she's worth it, she sure is a sweetie!

Look at that face, how can you say no?

At the vet, with my Mom's help (thanks Mom!). They said it was very unusual for an orange cat to be a girl, apparently most orange cats are boys, for some reason.

Post ear bath and treatment, she also had ear mites :-(

Back home, sitting in my lap, one lucky little girl!


  1. What a sweetie,she looks very much at home laid in your lap

  2. She's adorable! You'd better give us an update as soon as you've got one!

  3. Bless you for saving that beautiful girl!

  4. Thanks everyone, we got her home this evening and she's still quite lethargic. She got some antibiotics and IV fluids, they couldnt really find anything much wrong with her. We're sick with worry but we just have to wait it out. Hopefully she'll sleep it off and be better by morning.

  5. I just got a new kitten too, after losing Homminy. There continues to be an empty place in my heart over Homminy, which a new kitty doesn't fill, but I needed a mouser...
    You gotta teach the kitty that critters r food when you get them too young...
    My kitten didn't want to eat when I got it either... I spoon fed it, and it figured it out.... I seriously considered taking it back for some more mom time...
    Y'all are gonna be on the animal channel fer cat-hoarding if y'all aint kerful.
    7 posts on pollinators? Wow!
    So.... Are those still in the works?

  6. Aw, very cute, I hope she continues to improve.

    Stone - I looked at pictures of your new kitty too, very cute. Bless Homminy, may she live forever in your heart.