Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Acts of Cuteness

Since my last post may have inspired nightmares of flesh rotting spider bites, how about a few pictures of happy things that certainly ought to make anyone smile!

Ok, I know, bunnies are prolly on a lot of people's poop lists, but (so far) ours stay on the far edge of the yard up against the tall, unmowed grass line, and I haven't noticed any damage in the flower beds. I take it as another sign that we're providing a healthy habitat, especially since we cancelled our lawn service and the backyard is now full of clover!

Hey mister! Are you our Pater familias?

Seeing these little fellas hop around and chase each other really is cute, I guess it means we don't have any foxes in the neighborhood this year.

Ma and Pa Bluebird are currently working on their second brood, it's a constant stream of back and forth to the box, feeding and guarding. They are a constant presence this year, and we feel very fortunate to have them. I think they look quite regal here.

Who doesn't smile when they see a rainbow? Surely this undoes the evil images of the black widow! This picture comes from our trip to Hatteras last month.

I dare you not to smile in the presence of the beautiful Sweet Pea!

Or at the goofy antics of little Squeak!


  1. Ok, you made me smile, I'll admit it. Several times. Thanks!

  2. How are you preventing the cats from snacking on the purdy bluebirds?

    I wish I had a picture of my cat catching rabbits.... I can't consider those pests cute...
    I'd rather look at spiders... Haven't shot black widows in a while... Maybe I need to.

  3. Ellen, you're welcome!

    stonethegardener, my cats are indoors only. I've read too many studies about how much damage cats do to the bird population that I decided to keep my cats indoors. I know what you mean about rabbits though, I know plenty of people that consider them worse than deer.