Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Ideas for the Wildlife Gardener

   Hurry, Hurry! Time is running out! Who doesn't need a last minute gift idea, right? Gardeners can be notoriously difficult people to shop for, especially since our passion is pretty much dormant right now. I came up with a few gifts that I would love to receive, except for the fact that I already have them!

Gift #1: The World's Best Leaf Rake Ever

Yes, I'm recommending buying a rake as a gift. I love my rake. I bought mine from Lowe's for about $14, the brand name is True Temper. It actually is clog free. Since we were committed to not using the gas powered leaf blower, we got a workout (in a good way) raking our yard to gather leaves to make mulch and compost with. Instead of being a chore, I really enjoyed the raking because I just kept thinking about the yummy leaf mulch my plants were sure to love.

Gift #2: Benjamin Vogt's book "Sleep, Creep, Leap"

I enjoyed reading this more than anything else in a long, long time. Especially since it's winter now, I enjoyed being transported into his backyard garden, laughing on one page and crying on the next. It's so cheap, only $5.99 at Amazon and they can deliver it in a jiffy. If not for someone else, buy it for yourself!
Sleep, Creep, Leap: The First Three Years of a Nebraska Garden
Image from

Gift Idea #3: For the big spenders out there...Pre-order a tray of plants from Prairie Moon Nursery.

What native plant enthusiast wouldn't appreciate more plants? Again, if not for someone else, at least treat yourself! You can now order a tray of 38 native plants to be delivered between May and July for only $98.00. You can mix or match up to four different kinds per tray of dozens of native wildflowers and grasses. I ordered one to try last spring and was very impressed with the quality, many of the plants bloomed the first year including Aster azureus and Solidago speciosa. I plan on ordering several trays this winter, Merry Christmas to me!

My tray of plants from this past Spring, aren't they awesome!

In case I don't get another post written before Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. Solidago Speciosa. Isn't he the Striker for the Spanish National team?

  2. Hummmm. I have to wonder, is Julie a paid spokesperson for any of these items. Girl gotta get paid!

  3. ...And for your significant other AKA "The Help", might we recommend a 250lb balled & burlapped Christmas Tree! Hernias to all and to all a good night.

  4. I have that rake and it really is clog-free! One of my favorite finds this year.

  5. Julie, I had no idea Prarie Moon Nursery had a mix & match program. What a great gift idea...for me!

  6. Debbie,
    Deciding which plants to get and then having to wait for it is hard, but soooo worth it!