Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two Things Worth Mentioning


   There might be a new plate available for pollinator conservationists here in Virginia if the DMV receives 450 applications to complete the approval process. The developer, Samantha Gallagher has set up an information page with links to the application here, please consider showing your support and promoting pollinator conservation in our state. The deadline is December, and they're barely halfway there, so don't dilly dally and please tell your friends!

Item #2: It's almost time for Project Feederwatch!

   The 26th season of Project Feederwatch begins on Saturday, November 10. Participating is a great way of slowing down to observe and appreciate the birds outside your window, or think of it as a game by trying to increase the species and individuals you see over the course of the winter by adding extra food and water sources to your viewing area. Participation is flexible, you can count every weekend or maybe just once a month, all data is valuable. Check out their website to see if you might be interested!


  1. Nay, neither shall I dilly nor dally but straight to the information page for me!!!

    1. I didn't realize you reside in our fair Commonwealth!