Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Recent Visitors

   I feel bad for not posting as often as I like, but it's been slim pickins lately. I've been trying to keep my mind open, looking for inspiration everywhere I go, but even when I found it, taking pictures has been frustrating due to it being really windy around here this week. Wind + photography = crap photography.
   Just when I thought nothing was going on, we had a series of warm days and moderately calmer winds that seemed to liven everyone up a bit...

A Painted Lady enjoying some Buddleia nectar. I'm trying out a new type of Butterfly Bush that's supposed to be non-invasive. I really would like to be able to have some Butterfly bushes in the yard without the guilt because there's no denying how attractive they are to so many insects. It's the only plant I see migrating Monarchs stop for around here.

It seems like the bees sleep on the plant at night or when temps drop, then wake up to feed, then go back to sleep. They never seem to leave this plant! I don't blame them, not much else is blooming now except for some scrubby asters.
This butterfly would warm itself up on the driveway, then fly over to the Buddleia (which was still in the shade) and have have a few sips of nectar, then repeat. I've really been seeing a lot of Painted Ladys lately, especially on the Buddleia.

Some sort of Crane fly, I remember seeing gobs of them back in the summer at night feeding on the Joe-Pye.

Another Bumblebee, sucking up that nectar.

An unusual visitor for us, an Osprey hung out for a while along the river Sunday morning, probably migrating.

I can tell it's a juvenile because it has orange eyes. Look at that beak and those talons! No doubt this fella can rip up some flesh.

They may be common as dirt for some folks, but for me seeing this bird was a super awesome treat. So big, so powerful, so bad-ass.

Jeff had few special sightings too, one being this Walking Stick or Stick Bug.

We don't see many since their camouflage is so good, this one was still hanging around the next day and I was able to see it in person.

This one was a first for both of us. We didn't know what it was, it looked like a cross between a mantis and a lacewing.

Little did we know, there actually is an insect called a Mantis Lacewing!


  1. quite a visitor you've got! That Osprey looks awesome. I should get a butterfly bush as well. I would be nice to have lots of butterflies in the garden.

  2. Very cool! Have not seen a Mantis Lacewing. My insect friend photographed one this year in her yard, so now I'm on the look-out.
    Awesome photos of the Osprey, we have one that hangs around the local lake in the spring but is always too far away to photograph.

  3. There must be something special about the tires on my work truck. I have photos of mating wheelbugs (really), walkingsticks, mantis lacewings, AND that's where I discovered our most recent adopted cat, Ginger!

  4. The bugs and bees are kinda cute, but that osprey is regal and imperious! Wonderful shots of your visitor!

  5. I love the osprey and the walking stick - you must be very observant to have seen the walking stick.

  6. *Satu- Thank you! I'm sure you and your butterflies would love a butterfly bush!

    *Heather- Thanks! Good luck finding a Mantis Lacewing, unfortunately I can't give you any clues for where to look since we found it on a truck tire :-)

    *Jeff- I forgot to tell you I rubbed Wheelbug pheromones on the tires :-)

    *Laurrie- Thank you, that Osprey definitely looks like he knows he's the "boss", doesn't he!

    *Jason- Observant? Maybe. Lucky, Definitely!

  7. Great shots! Nice to see you documenting all the biodiversity you are attracting. :)