Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GBBD: Not a bad showing, after all

   Originally, I wasn't going to participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day this time because I didn't think I had enough plants that looked decent enough to show. August in this part of the country is not kind to gardens, everything tends to look a bit crispy and tired, gardeners included. Throw in a drought and you're looking at a virtual apocalypse. Well, I'm glad I got out there with the camera after all, with the right lighting, the right angle, and a little cropping, things don't look half bad! In fact, I think it might look better in pictures than in person, but you'd miss all the buzzing and whirring of life here.

Eupatorium dubium "Little Joe" and Agastache "Blue Fortune"

Agastache aurantiaca "Shades of Orange", a truly awesome plant and hummingbird magnet

Close-up of "Shades of Orange", also called hummiingbird mint

Coreopsis "Full Moon"

Trycirtis hirta, name unknown, aka Toad Lily, a lovely little orchid like plant

Black and Blue Salvia, with Agastache "Heatwave" barely visible behind, a stunning combination for attracting hummingbirds

The hardy stalwart, Caryopteris, aka Bluebeard or Blue Mist Shrub

Close-up of Caryopteris, with Agastache "Heatwave" behind

 Rudbeckia laciniata still kickin' it

 Pycantemum muticum, aka Short Toothed Mountain Mint, it looks kinda wonky this year but the pollinators don't care

Ageratina altissima, formerly a Eupatorium, aka White Snakeroot, a simple delicate native to brighten up a dark shady spot

Finishing with a bang...Solidago rugosa "Fireworks"


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Very nice pictures indeed. That 'Fireworks' can be hard to photograph. I have tried many times.

  3. I also love Agastache and Eupatorium. Would love to try the hummingbird mint - great color.

  4. You have a lot of blooming flowers and everything looks fine to me.

  5. Oh, beautiful photos! And you must have picked the right time of day - everything looks cool and contented.

  6. Thanks everyone, you all are so kind!

  7. Hi i think this is my first time here! And you're right, 'it's not bad showing after all', most especially in your experienced lenses. They are awesome and so inspiring. Our garden is bad too in wide angles, but isolated photos projected good positive thoughts, anyway! haha. I love most the first and 3rd shots.

  8. Love the orange hummingbird mint, and lovely photos!

  9. I like your new "Quote of the moment". Style, rhythm balance and proportion, love...the list goes on and on. I am also a big White Stripes fan! Oh, and your garden stuff is ok too;)

  10. the Eupatorium/Agastache combo!