Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Tentative Beginning

I've hesitated for long time to create a blog because I'm quite resistant to putting myself "out there" on the internet. I have no Facebook page nor do I Tweet and I never will. I would however like to share some of what we've been doing with friends and family, and if nobody cares what we are doing or why, then at least we have a documented history for ourselves. I'm not a talented writer, photographer, or gardener, so I'm not here to brag. We are however passionate about what we're doing and I hope it shows.

Welcome to our Suburban Wilderness.

We're trying to give back a little to our ecosystem and our Mother Earth. Native plants, native insects, birds, and mammals, will all find a welcome habitat on our properties. A place to live, find food, and reproduce. You don't have to live way out in the country to experience the joys of nature, we're proof of that.

Suburban, because we are in the county but right on the corner between two city limits and less than a mile from the busiest road in the city/county.

Wilderness, because we have attracted and nutured a vast array of species on our tiny lot that most people wouldn't see on walk through they're favorite parkland. Foxes, deer, raccoons, bunnies, possums, skunks, dozens of species of birds, many with nests right now, all are regular visitors. Don't forget the wildflowers. Yeah some species can be destructive (deer and bunnies most famously) but we are learning ways to live harmoniously with them. It is possible.

Hi! My name's Foxy, I'm cute aren't I! I help control the rodent population.


  1. Hey, welcome to the blogosphere! Question: How did you take the cool picture of the Fantastic Mr.Fox?? Looks like infrared.

  2. Julie, He is a wonderful creature! I think it is great what you are doing and look forward to following your journal about your wildlife sanctuary. Happy Blog Birth! Carol