Friday, April 29, 2011

Science Friday!

   It all began in the parking lot at Kroger. I was sitting in my car, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. The radio was on NPR, I wasn't really paying attention until I heard a voice say something about counting roadkill. That ought to get anyones attention. So I listened and it turns out that particular show was part of the Science Friday program and they were discussing Citizen Science Projects.
   I've always loved science, gardening, our natural world, but I've never had any direction or ultimate goal or purpose. I knew at that moment I'd found my calling, a way to give meaning to my various hobbies and interests and tie them all together.
   Over the next few days I went crazy looking at all the things I could get involved in at The tough part was narrowing it down to just a few. So far I've participated in Project Feeder Watch, the Great Backyard Birdcount, the Great Sunflower Project, and the Monarch Waystation program. If I can I'll also work on the Lost Ladybug Project. I've also had our home certified through the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. It's very easy to get involved in something, there are dozens of different types of projects, from easy to highly involved, and in every field of interest imaginable. Check it out! Also if you love science like me, check out the Science Friday program on NPR at 2-4pm eastern, or
   Well, I'm happy to report my baby monarch caterpillars survived the latest horrible storm, which included a tornado watch. I have no idea how at one day old they managed to hold onto those plants through such terrible wind and pounding rains.

   In a future post I'll tell how all about my critter cam, but for now I'll just show you last nights visitors. First was Foxy, then came our regular raccoon (pointy nose, short ears, we have others but they're not regulars), and then two possums. They're scavenging under the birdfeeders for fallen seed bits and tasty morsels.

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  1. Dear Julie,

    So lovely to find your blog! Congratulations on your beginning! I love that you can see your visitors this way. I look forward to hearing more about your cam.