Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Insects of the Season

Jeff wins the prize for spotting the first real insects of the season! These fellas wasted no time getting out as soon as the snow melted. (well, it is 60 degrees today)

Red Shouldered Bug (Jadera Haematoloma)
A scentless plant bug, similar to the Box Elder Bug. Supposedly they don't have stink glands like many other true bugs. Jeff neglected to squish one to find out if that's true.

Red Shouldered Bug (Jadera Haematoloma)
Probably mating, but he didn't interrupt them to ask.

Net Winged Beetle (Dictyopterus aurora, maybe)
They resemble fireflies, however they're active during daytime. Larvae feed on fungi.

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  1. Saturday: run shirtless. Sunday: half a foot of wet heavy snow snapping pines like they were...Bradford Pears. Monday: 60 degrees, bugs emerging and doin the nasty. Welcome to Roanoke, Virginia:-/