Friday, January 20, 2012

A Cure For What Ails Me...

It's here! It's here!

It only took a couple of hours to assemble...thanks to Jeff for helping :)

OK, I splurged a bit. Considering last year's success with my make-shift grow stand from cobbled together parts, I was able to justify the expense to buy myself a proper one, with better quality adjustable lights and more space. What better way to cure a gardener's lust for growing green things than to start growing indoors! I'm going to use this stand to grow fresh herbs in the winter months, maybe even some salad greens, like arugula and mizuna, and catnip for Sweet Pea, Squeak, and Leo. (I learned not to grow catnip outdoors unless you want every neighborhood cat to relocate to your property) I'm also going to use it to get a head start on some flower and vegetable seeds. Just turning it on and seeing the glow warms my heart.

Empty, but not for long

I can't wait to get started growing! I have an addiction to seed starting, I just love seeing the green sprouts poke their way through the soil, and I love being able to grow obscure native plants that you can only get by growing them from seed.

Since Jeff's old photo developing room is now the growing room, we "re-purposed" his developing sink into a potting bench in the garage. This is long overdue and my poor back will very much appreciate being able to work standing up.

Now, where did I put those seed catalogs.....


  1. Wow! These photos make our home look so tidy!

  2. Now hold on a cotton-pickin minute! I thought you were having a real crisis. " I have no design skills, garden looks awful, need to transplant half my trees and shrubs" and even invoked the Holy names Oudolf & VanSweden. Turns out you just needed to buy something!:) Glad you are feeling better

  3. Now, that's my girl! Very excited for you & must admit hoping to benefit if only a little from your feast of transplanted wonders. Nothing like climbing out of a funk into an exciting new project, it's so organized & functional, you're going to love it I know. You'll be a great Mom to your many little "sproutlings". Very proud of you sweet girl & also that young dear fellow of yours who helps & supports you always.

  4. Oh how I would LOVE one of these. I start seeds anyway and just hope they won't turn into spindly light deprived plants. I can't help it - it's so uplifting to start seeds. Love your new potting bench, too. Can't wait to see what you grow.

  5. Jeff, Our house is tidy, what are you talking about!

    Pappy, I just bought myself a little sunshine, that's all :)

    Ma, Thank you for your kind words :)

    Kathy, Thanks! Starting seeds is definitely uplifting, and just at the time of year when we need it.

  6. Josh, Leo is my parents' cat, or better yet, my parents are Leo's humans.

  7. It's all very beautiful! You are going to have a lot of fun with that. And the good thing about growing things indoors is the lack of pesky varmit interference - squirrels get into all my outdoor pots!

    And it is all remarkably tidy.

  8. VERY jealous. Wish I had money! But then I'd want a greenhouse--attached to the main house.

  9. Great set up Julie, your going to be busy with transplants in a few months! Have fun.