Monday, September 26, 2011

Monarchs are on the Move! Birds, too!

    We started seeing Monarchs heading south about a week ago, here and there, but over the weekend we started seeing them more consistently, even groups of three or more. Yesterday, where ever I was in town or at home, all I had to do was look up and I was guaranteed to see Monarchs heading south, just a constant stream of orange and black. My parents, who live north of us, also reported seeing them in a constant stream across the sky. Always about the same altitude, never coming down to feed, just floating away. That's why I don't have any photos, it would just be a black spot against a washed out sky, if that even. If I didn't look up, I'd probably miss them.
   So if you're near Virginia or further south, start looking! They're coming your way!

   A birding note...we've also had some nonstandard birds in the yard, a Pee-Wee spent the afternoon hunting from the tips of our hawthorn trees, some warblers (probably Pine) have been passing through the treetops, and a Red Shouldered Hawk has been heard calling (they're very vocal!) at the pond across the street several times. Another winter visitor, a Brown Headed Nuthatch, has been heard in the pines on the golf course. We hear it every year but rarely see it. One lucky winter we had a pair of Brown Headed Nuthatches come to our feeders regularly, but they seem to spend most their time in the pines.


  1. And, the Hummingbirds we thought would never come are still here! Guess they are just giving the butterflies a head start.

  2. Cool, I'll have to start looking since I am south of you. I've never seen them migrate.

  3. Very interesting and confirming is your comment about the Monarchs. I am in North Texas and saw several on my lantana this weekend. I do believe they were on a pit stop enroute to Mexico!